To find a match this size on my father’s side will not be easy. I will need to travel a lot and test hundreds. I need resources to do this in safety.


Now I have 3 fairly large maternal matches. If this is typical then I think I could solve many paternity cases in the Anglosphere. If people want help finding missing relatives I can offer you suggestions.

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    Women will virtue signal to their peer groups. Her female peers in Hay are not exactly good role models for her. What makes her think childlessness is acceptable? A woman her age would be surrounded by grandchildren in a traditional society. Total contrast to kind of people I meet on paternal side, who value family and identity.

    Hay one Wye is rather boring place.

  2. just saw your message from 2013! Never saw it before! Bill Boyd was ceo of Thomas Steel. He left about 3 years ago. Heard he went back to the UK. I wasn’t a big fan either! No one really was. He was a bit of a snob. Too good to say hello to us. Glad he’s gone

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