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  1. There is simply too much Neanderthal DNA in living people for it to have gotten there as a result of admixture. The research of Alan Templeton has completely discredited the Out of Africa theory so that we can say without reasonable doubt that it never happened. The multiregional theory is thus the only explanation for the rise of anatomical modernity, and for 80% of the world’s population that means Neanderthals.

    The percentage of Neanderthal aDNA in modern people is much too high (1-5%) to be the result of admixture. That’s the equivalent contribution of a great great great grandfather. Yet no one alive today actually has a Neanderthal for a great great great grandparent. Positive selection alone cannot account for such legendary persistence. Our Neanderthal DNA has been reduced, but Neanderthals are still the founding population from which all non Subsaharan Africans originate.

    The explanation for how it works is simple. At the advent of modernity human populations became rapidly mobile. This mobility took a species to all four corners of the globe over a very short period of time, and as a consequence of this mobility genetic drift and population bottlenecks began to alter our genes. This is demonstrated quite well by the rapid and extensive development of new types of haplogroups going back over 50,000 years. Mobility divided our species and cultivated new genes and new populations and races. Agriculture, too, clearly accelerated this change.

    The Neanderthal DNA in our genome has been swamped not by interbreeding with a different species but by the development of new genetic populations which ultimately stemmed from Neanderthals. What the admixture theory fails to take in to account is that the percentage of alleles has increased since the Middle PaleolIthic as a natural consequence of fhe passage of time and new mobility. This also explains why some modern people have more Neanderthal DNA and why this is sometimes anachronistic. The Copper Age European Otzi the Iceman has 5.5% Neanderthal DNA, while Ust-Ishim has less than 3% in Upper Paleolithic Siberia.

    All in all the multiregional theory stands up best against the facts, with Neanderthals in the Levant and Europe being the origin of homo sapiens. Anybody who says otherwise at this point simply lacks the integrity to be honest with themselves and others.

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  2. “Identity murder” or ” identity-patricide” are terms I coined to describe the attack on heritage and identity in states like Britain. If you never meet a parent because of the activities of people it is essentially the same as if they have murdered that person.

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