Near Rome now

I need sponsors and other team members. I can also help you with your own problems of this nature.

My equipment is inadequate and worn out and to succeed in this I need to dna test people and travel .

It would be nice to find anyone to start crowdfunding and to help me get published .





Really we need an office for this project . Here is someone I found who shares a connection to me through a third person . Not enough Italians are dna tested and if we can crowdfund to test more I will converge on closer relatives. You can see this Eurogenes results resembles the ones below. Would be nice to work out properly all the statistics for these things and margins of error.
Also this person shares many of the countries of origin in IBS that I also see in 23andme . I want to be tested with more companies such as National geographic in hope of a lucky match.

Would be nice to find people interested in making an ancestry calculator for the med region with some nicer population labels and more samples included.

2nd iteration of Lazarus


Gedmatch is run by two volunteers who do great work.
I used the phasing from first Lazarus for input to the second and the results are more accurate. But you can see that some Italian still in there.

This for my mother. I have enough Irish side matches for her side at least do do something at lower levels of accuracy.