“Using Close Family Members

Ancestry Composition gets even more powerful if your parents or children are in the 23andMe database. You get higher-resolution results with either of these relatives added, and if you have a parent in the system you get an additional view into your results.

To enable this, you’ll need to be sharing with your parents and/or children. Learn more about sharing.

When you have a parent or child in the system, you’ll get a very high-quality phasing from Finch. That translates into better Ancestry Composition results, in the sense that you’ll tend to see more assignment to the finer-resolution populations: more “Scandinavian,” less “Northern European.”

Why is that? When you think back to our smoother example, we had two kinds of mistakes to correct. We had mistakes along the chromosome, and we had mistakes between the chromosomes. When you’re phased on the basis of a parent or child, it allows us to ignore mistakes between the chromosomes because they essentially do not occur, so we can be more confident in correcting the along-chromosome mistakes.

You get that boost in resolution with either a child or a parent in the system. It’s slightly better to use a parent than to use a child, and it’s slightly better to use two parents than one parent — however, you get the majority of the benefit with the first relative you add. The system will automatically use the best available configuration, and it will also automatically update your results if you share with a new relative. (As of this writing, it can take up to 48 hours for the results to update.)

If you have one or both parents in the system, you get an extra view. You’ll be able to see “Split View,” where we show the contribution of your mother to your ancestry on one side, and the contribution of your father to your ancestry on the other. We can’t provide this view if you don’t have a parent available, because a parent is necessary to orient the results.

Here’s an example of what you can do with this unprecedented view into your ancestry. Say that you find you have a small amount of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry in your results. When you turn to split view, you’ll be able to see immediately which parent that came from.”


I have a task, one made difficult as happening in context of the decline of english-speaking world. My mother’s dna would be good to have ,perhaps something can be done to get my grandparent’s dna ? To test until I can find close relatives I need sponsorship. Now in Naples. Climate excellent .









Compare these results to those given below by Lazarus and the % of “Redsea” would seem to be one more confirmation of my mother’s original story. Such tests become useful through comparing results with people of known origins. Have yet to study their source code or assumptions.

first crude glimpse

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Using Lazarus and the matches I have I got these results for my father and mother. It will be interesting to seen how her actual dna compares to this prediction. Most matches are on my mothers side and not sure how that affects accuracy. But the result for my father is very much in southern Italian ballpark.

Eurogenes K13 test used .

opposite cultural poles of Europe

This is what my mother spends her time doing. Something wrong with her and her friends if they think this i more important than family life. I am here in southern Italy now and there are fewer of the social problems that affect the english-speaking world.

People can write to my mother at Bridget Boyd, Green House Cusop Hay-On-Wye Hereford HR3 5RF

To phase my own dna I need hers. She never provided one iota of family information.


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Benoit from France who is on his way to China.


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Am considering if I should head to England and confront my mother there And try to bring and end to this as impossible my finding my father in Italy without a big boost in resources.I assume face to face things will be resolved if others do not meddle. Just getting there is a bit of a challenge before May 21st.