Eurogenes K13


Without having tested my mother I cannot determine which region my father matches based on average results for such tests. But seems to be compatible with my father being from southern Italian kind of area.

some averages from that test.


I have to learn a lot about genetics but main thing I need is resources to follow up the leads and test people until I find quality matches.

bike dies


by side of the road and will abandon bike and hitchhike until am given another.

If I find sponsors I will succeed otherwise will have to go confront my mother wherever she is.  Would rather actually give the UK and Usa a miss .

I am J1 but not J1e.

“In L’Aquila, Abruzzo, 1 out of 23 samples are J1e (4.5%).

In Campobasso, Molise, 1 out of 29 samples are J1e (3.5%).

In Benevento, Campania, 3 out of 36 samples are J1 (8.5%).

In Matera, Basilicata, 0 samples out of 25 are J1 (0%).

In Lecce, Apulia, 2 out of 39 samples are J1 (5%), including one J1e sample.

In Cosenza/Catanzaro/Crotone, Calabria, 1 out of 38 samples were J1 (2.5%).

In Catania, eastern Sicily, 2 out of 62 samples are J1e (3%).

In Ragusa, southeast Sicily, 2 out of 44 samples are J1 (4.5%).

In Agrigento, southwest Sicily, 5 out of 42 samples are J1 (12%), including four J1e sample.

In Olbia/Tempio/Nuoro, north-east Sardinia, 1 out of 40 samples are J1e (2.5%).

In Oristano, central-west Sardinia, 0 out of 42 samples are J1 (0%).”

Sample Sicilian result


Maybe in future could create my own ancestry calculator . I need my mother’s dna realistically if to use such things to try to pinpoint location. Also to phase my dna I need hers.

Ancestry calculators!

For such calculators to be really useful to me I would need my mother’s dna also. But zero co-operation from her . She probably knows my father’s name and exactly where he is anyway.

I want to create my own ancestry calculator at some stage . By comparing with what other people of know origins get in them you can get a rough idea of geographic origin.