Myself as a child




I have to learn a lot about genetics but main thing I need is resources to follow up the leads and test people until I find quality matches.

bike dies


by side of the road and will abandon bike and hitchhike until am given another.

If I find sponsors I will succeed otherwise will have to go confront my mother wherever she is.  Would rather actually give the UK and Usa a miss .

I am J1 but not J1e.

“In L’Aquila, Abruzzo, 1 out of 23 samples are J1e (4.5%).

In Campobasso, Molise, 1 out of 29 samples are J1e (3.5%).

In Benevento, Campania, 3 out of 36 samples are J1 (8.5%).

In Matera, Basilicata, 0 samples out of 25 are J1 (0%).

In Lecce, Apulia, 2 out of 39 samples are J1 (5%), including one J1e sample.

In Cosenza/Catanzaro/Crotone, Calabria, 1 out of 38 samples were J1 (2.5%).

In Catania, eastern Sicily, 2 out of 62 samples are J1e (3%).

In Ragusa, southeast Sicily, 2 out of 44 samples are J1 (4.5%).

In Agrigento, southwest Sicily, 5 out of 42 samples are J1 (12%), including four J1e sample.

In Olbia/Tempio/Nuoro, north-east Sardinia, 1 out of 40 samples are J1e (2.5%).

In Oristano, central-west Sardinia, 0 out of 42 samples are J1 (0%).”