Grandparent’s grave in Loughrea.

My mother hides all family information and the details of my conception. Her own dna could be useful. I have uncovered many many relatives in the USA. I could reconstruct my father’s genome partially using the Lazarus tool if my mother provided her dna.

Here in Rome Italy with no resources. I need to be gathering samples here so that I can find the family surname. My risk taking is going to waste. It is dangerous sleeping out in Europe and dangerous cycling on Italian roads.

unnamed (2) unnamed

One of my newly found relatives in the USA thought this Sicilian man in London looked like me . Apparently too young to be a candidate though. These Italians in London could ask their friends and help with the trace.

One of the graves of a distant relative who died in the battle of Franklin for the Confederacy.  As I test with more Dna companies and get access to more databases I will get closer to success in this trace.

Getting better as a DNA detective.