20140520_172130Guillaume worked on the rim but the reason it was untrue emerged later that day when it cracked. I still travelled another 70plus km on it in its dangerous state and when I stopped the cracks had spread to several more points along the rim. 20140520_123029 20140520_160711 20140520_094638 20140520_102333 20140520_102428 20140519_074609

A lucky euro. Found on the road.20140520_174026


Building the family tree

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Here I am decades later trying to piece together the family tree. This is from 1911 Irish census. I am betting there are many relatives scattered across the Irish disapora. Maybe with the 23andme autosomal test I might locate them. I need to find sponsors. I have found some Italian leads who were in London in 1974. Absurd my having to cycle all over Italy to see them, in effect an impossible task. Meanwhile my mother is in Ohio and doing nothing whatsoever with her life. She no doubts wants to get in touch but her husband objects so there she sits.

Florence Christina Keller

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I found it odd that my grandmother married so late. How come she did not have a normal family life? Irish women at the time had a high fertility. Found this information on the Mormon site Familysearch.org.