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Usually I don’t get so many insect bites in France but in Italy I get a lot.

I am in Limoges now and poised to cross the Massif Central. I need to find sponsors if I am to dna test and somehow home in on relatives that way. Bad weather this week.


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Noone dna

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Males on my mother’s side would be similar to this . Am studying the whole subject. I need proper tests done on myself as this is the one way I might find my father bypassing my uncooperative mother. My mother knows my father’s name and all details but will not help because of her English husband.



I sleep in lavoirs all over France. This one tonight. Evicted pigeon from her nest.


I am shy about asking but locals gave me food.


Bike expenses yesterday.



Lavoir in Mauron ,last night. Keeps rain off.