DSCN0869DSCN0863Is this guy a Viper? I met him sunning himself at side of the road as I pushed my bike uphill in Emilia Romagna. This guy was going nowhere and I eat snakes if I can catch them.

That day I camped next to a cafe on the Gothic line. I need to find sponsors and get a modern carbon fiber bike and light camping stuff if I am going to cross mountain ranges more quickly.


Guilt and lies of the social workers

Screenshot - 110314 - 22:53:45 Screenshot - 110314 - 22:53:03

Social workers obstruct  tracing. These people delayed progress for years and refused to give me my mother’s name. Eventually I got my birthcert myself in the archives with some detective work. Hiding the heritage of a person from them would be a crime in a civilised society. Trying to piece things together has been a lifelong task. Obstructed by social workers and my stepfather. My mother told me she did attempt to locate me but Social workers were uncooperative. We can blame them for this whole mess because they delayed things for years.

I need to find sponsors. To attempt to trace my father I need to learn italian properly and contact a lot of people and dna test a lot of people. Cycling around and sleeping outside in Italy is not productive enough. Also I need to render my mother co-operative. If she knew he was a third year engineering student then she also knew his name.

Screenshot from 2014-03-12 15:02:41

As to this date my mother has not confirmed these details nor added to them. Not much to go on. 



Cycle tour of the Crimea.IMG_2645
We had to sneak into private beaches a lot.

You can take your bike onto the trolley buses. Excellent public transport in all these countries.IMG_2692

In St.Petersburg. Telephone books actually in telephone boxes. Not something you will see in the West anywhere anymore.
Train station in Belarus.

DSC_0276 Went to Stonehenge with some South-Americans. .

Noone: Irish (Connacht): Anglicized form of Gaelic
Ó Nuadháin
‘descendant of Nuadhán’, a personal name derived from Nuadha, the name of an ancient Celtic gods.