William Boyd

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Not so much about my stepfather online these days. Most Steel today is made in China and what little steel industry left in the West is largely controlled by Indian companies. The West is in a rather tragic economic state and we could do without the kind of people who collaborate with globalism and sing it’s praises. Obviously workers in the West cannot compete with the “life is cheap” working conditions of India and China and Globalism is a political not economic movement. The West could have all it’s factories back but that would require a political revolution. One of these years China will merely nationalise everything there.

“Thomas, on Warren’s west side, is the only remaining domestic producer of a specialized nickel-plated steel used for alkaline batteries and automobile fuel lines. In March the company complained that it has lost significant business to Japan, including a “crippling lost sale” late last year that cost the company business in making steel used to manufacture AA alkaline batteries.”


William prevents my mother telling me about my father. Her friend rang me about 12 years ago and said that my mother would co-operate with me once she divorced William. Am still waiting.

Am going to get some DNA work done.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7459578.stm

This kind of thing might give me something to work with. I need to find sponsors as cycling around Italy is just not effective, unsurprisingly. I need the active co-operation of my mother. Neither she nor her husband seem to have much moral character. I don’t see what the point is of accumulating empty houses and lots of cars. I don’t understand why a man would prevent a woman from speaking to her only child. My mother complains of mental breakdowns. No wonder.  Bill must have threatened her with divorce and make her promise not to speak to me. He also admitted on the phone to me that he intercepted my letters to her. His motives I can only guess.

By searching DNA databases for other males with genetic markers matching their own, adoptees can check if these men also share a last name.

This can provide the likely surname of an adoptee’s biological father.

The genetic similarities between men who share surnames occur on the Y chromosome, a package of genetic material passed on, more or less unchanged, from father to son – just like a last name.

Because of this pattern of inheritance, men with the same surname may also share a similar complement of genetic markers on the Y chromosome.”




Clever polish girls who travelled with me in Ukraine and we visited the monastery in Kiev where Stolpyin is buried.


Hitchhiked with this girl in England.




Greek woman.



lithuania minsk