Places I have camped here. Not making much progress with the trace. I need a dna test to tell me which region to look in, a list of Italian’s studying engineering in London in 1974. Co-operation from my mother. Having more than a bike and a tent to do the job with would be nice also.


In Sardinia now. Heat and mosquitos a growing

In Sardinia now. Heat and mosquitos a growing pest. 

Stayed with German hitchhiker at Torregrande marina and we were fighting off mosquitos all night. Camped also with a Russian Zoologist and his wife from St. Petersburg.

Sardinians are very friendly. Yesterday was stuck as the bicycle is giving me increasing problems , it being worn out. Was stuck in Terralba until locals found me a replacement. 

Traditional societies with a sense of community are nicer places than cosmopolitan messes like England. Here I leave the bike and all my belongings unseen outside bars and cafes etc. and no local would ever touch them. Corsica is the same.

Have lost a lot of weight and regular meals are a thing of the past along with things like a good night’s sleep. People think I am German or Swiss as they associate cycle touring with them.

I meet many Italians who have worked in other countries. It ads to the difficulty of the tracing job.

Am going to need to find sponsorship to have any chance of success in this mission.Just to continue living in this climate as the heat of summer grows nearer.